Raphael Vaerkhaos

Terms of Service

I reserve the right to request removal of my art in any of the following circumstances on a case-by-case basis if necessary. Whenever you use any of my works, you must credit the name “Raphael Vaerkhaos” and/or link back to either the original work or this website. In addition, some artworks/songs might have different terms attached to them. This will be stated in the work’s corresponding blogpost and/or description. If no such exception is listed, you may freely refer to the list below.

In the case of derivative works based on my own, please keep in mind that both the following terms and the terms of the derivative work’s owner apply.

These terms apply to the music and artworks made solely by me, and terms may differ for collaborative works. If there are any further inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

Non-Profit Use

“Non-profit use” includes anything posted on the Internet publicly for free use, provided no fee is charged for accessibility and no money of any kind is earned (in this case “earned money” includes methods such as YouTube monetization).

The following may be done freely:

  • For Music:
    • The song’s audio attached to a video made with the intention of emphasizing the video contents (animated video, PV with a significant number of drawings, livestreams, etc.)
    • One-time plays (online DJ rooms, online radio, etc.)
    • Remixes/rearrangements
    • Use in live events
  • For music in which the instrumental is being distributed
    • Cover versions using the original instrumental
    • Voice synthesis software files (UST, VSQx, etc.) intended to assist in the creation of such covers
  • For uploaded videos
    • The video footage attached to a remix/rearrangement or cover of the original song
  • For Artworks that are not labelled as commission
    • Use as icon/header/avatar for social media platforms as long as credit is given
    • Use as reference for OCs (original characters) as long as the art it refers to neither is an OC of mine nor of someone else
  • For Artworks that are labelled as commission
    • If it was you who commissioned the artwork, please refer to the ToS you have received with your final commission. (Should you not have received such an information and are unsure whether you may use the artwork in a specific context, please contact me.)
    • If it was not you who commissioned the artwork then you may not use the artwork without the permission of the commissioner.

Commercial Use

Herein “commercial usage” is defined as situations in which money changes hands for anything relevant to my work. This includes YouTube monetization, selling music, Patreon, and the like.

The following is allowed for music:

  • Remixes/rearrangements in which a significant amount of the arrangement is done by the user (i.e., not simply the original song with a pitch/speed change)
  • Human vocal cover versions using the original instrumental
  • Ad-based monetization (such as YouTube’s) and Patreon (and similar services) of such remixes and/or human vocal cover versions
  • For commercial use of artworks, please see below.


Permission is required:

  • Regarding music:
    • Use by a corporation or corporate entity
    • Large-scale distribution of derivative works (major stores such as iTunes, major labels, etc.)
    • Ad-based monetization or Patreon (and similar services) usage of vocal synthesis (VOCALOID/UTAU/etc.) covers
  • Regarding artworks:
    • Usage in any kind of commercial context requires explicit permission. This also applies to commissions. Should you want to commission a piece intended for commercial use, please state this in your inquiry as commercial use will increase the price.


Not permitted:

  • Redistribution (both non-profit and commercial) of the unmodified or barely modified music
  • Redistribution (both non-profit and commercial) of the unmodified or barely modified instrumentals
  • Redistribution (both non-profit and commercial) of provided VSQx or MIDI files
  • Reposting (non-profit) of artworks without credit.
  • Reposting (commercial) of artworks
Regarding re-uploading/re-posting

You may not upload any of my videos/songs onto other websites with the intention of reprinting without my consent. You may however ask me if you may do so.

You may not reupload any of my videos/songs with just added subtitles without my consent. You may however ask me if you may do so.

If you are allowed to reupload a video you need to give credit to “Raphael Vaerkhaos”, and link back to this website and/or the original work.

You are not allowed to repost artworks to other websites without my consent.



Thank you Lystrialle, for letting me take your Terms of Service as a template.

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