2020 Info: Due to the absolute shitshow that this year is, my commission completion speed is reduced even further than normal. If you’d like to receive your art within less than a month, please do notify me.

Commissions have been last edited on: 09.10.2020

headshot monochrome sketch

I forever strive to simplify my commission process while still keeping price versatility available. Please read the transparency notes at the bottom of this page.

I reserve the right to deny a commission without a reason.

Commissions for January 2021 – OPEN.

Slot availability: 

  1. Open
  2. Closed
  3. Unavailable due to time constraints.

Monochrome sketches:

portrait monochrome sketch

Minimal decorative shading, different colours, simple background shapes etc. available without fee.
– Add something “special”: 5€
– Extra characters: +50%
– Complexity fee (e.g. elaborate clothing patterns, lots of tattoos, scales, etc): 5€

  • Headshot: 20€
  • Portrait: 35€
  • Full Body: 45€

Character Portraits:

Simple backgrounds included. 
– Extra characters: +50%
– Complexity fee (e.g. elaborate clothing patterns, lots of tattoos, scales, etc): 5€

  • Headshot: 45€
  • Half-Body: 75€
  • Full Body: 105€
character portrait headshot

Full Illustrations:

Includes a full background.

  • Starting at 150€

Commercial licenses:

  • Available, please write me an email via my contact page.

For transparency:

I have removed different categories on coloured commissions, there’s now only monochrome sketches and portraits available in terms of stylistic approaches.

character portrait half body

Monochrome sketches are quick to complete as there is no rendering involved and thus much cheaper. However since I personally don’t quite see the appeal of only selling simple sketches, some simple embellishments are already included (but not necessary to make use of) or you can add 5€ on top to have something “special” added, like an extra colour, a weird glitch effect, simple flat colours or something else that makes the sketch look more like a finished illustration.

Portraits will always be painted and thus rendered, though the exact stylistic end result may vary ever so slightly. This is why there’s the sudden leap in prices as rendering can take me anywhere from a few hours to multiple days, depending on the subject and scope of any given project. 

I now charge a small complexity fee in case any subject has heavy details, which – while I love to draw them – can lead to wrist and shoulder pain and thus to potentially forced breaks.

Prices are based on a wage of 15€/hour, this is above the German minimum wage of 9,35€ (January 2020). While the minimum wage does not officially apply to artists, I felt it was a good point of reference to include either way.

Extra characters are now 50% extra for each additional character instead of 100% extra. This had been done to discourage people from commissioning me for a 10 character group pose or something wild like that but proved unnecessary. Thank you for being considerate with my poor wrists.

That said – anything with an elaborate background is now a full illustration and subject to much larger fees as rendering a background on top of characters is taking me a lot more time.

I have also decided to limit commission intake to one month only with limited slots available. This is to prevent overwhelm on my part and to ensure a timely completion for you. In general, there will be three slots available for each month from now on, though depending on how much else I have to do and how extensive other commissions are, some of those slots may be temporarily unavailable. Please check back the following month in that case.

Thematically I work best with dark ideas and characters, but I am open to branching out to something else, even if it’s sugar coated sweetness in pastels. Just note that results may vary when I’m asked to try a theme I’m not well versed in.

This also applies to NSFW topics, which – while I am open to them – may yield varied results due to lack of experience with drawing them.

My favourites are D&D character portraits and scenes or original characters (OCs).

For further style examples, please refer to my gallery.

Thank you ♥