A New Cloak

Or why I changed my Pen Name

Hello there. First of all, I have a blog now. I won’t be using it regularly but sometimes it’s handy to have a place to put larger posts than twitter’s 240 character limit allows.
Besides, I sometimes like to write down thoughts to make them more clear and especially with some of the stuff coming up I like the thought of having a place to put diary-like entries.

That out of the way – you may have noticed but I do have a new pen name.

I’m now Raphael Värkhaos. Or Värkhaos for short.

My old pen name had been bothering me for a while now but I figured I should not change it, given that I previously had the unpleasant tendency to change my name quite often. But sometimes big decisions should be committed to even though I have now come to dislike big changes

It may involve an annoying amount of stuff to think about, including changing and updating watermarks on old artworks, but I do think it’s worth it, especially with some of the things I have planned for my artistic future – among which is definitely opening a personal shop and more.
Besides, when I chose my last pen name I still wasn’t all that secure in who I am yet and so the old name feels… unfinished.

I will be updating everything in the next few weeks to come so please be a little patient.

So much for the name. In other news – I have a picrew maker* in the making and I am also planning to use this blog as a place to record my progress on the visual novel I have started and on which I will be working during October and November a lot. 

Which greatly excites me.

In terms of commissions – I still have two commissions to complete and once those are done I will take a closer look at how I can simplify the whole commission process. Until then I’m afraid they will remain closed.

Another topic is my own mental health. I don’t like being super closed about it but I also do not like throwing it around everywhere I go. No matter how you put it however it’s a fact that I’ve had and still have huge problems with my own brain and that will (likely forever) greatly impact the way I can work. I am currently trying to figure out how to best accommodate my own shortcomings so that wait times on commissions can be reduced. Because they’re longer than anyone likes at this point. We’ll see what the future brings on that front.

So much for big news and announcements. I know I do not have a huge audience by any means and I always find it incredibly awkward to talk like I have one like that but I do have some manner of audience for sure and I greatly appreciate every single one of you. So thank you if you’ve stuck around this far.

♥ – Raphael

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